WeylChem ORGANICA. Your partner for custom synthesis

WeylChem ORGANICA is your experienced partner for the synthesis of high-quality fine chemicals. We specialize in custom synthesis and contract manufacturing. For over 25 years, we have been providing various industries with highly refined organic chemicals and essential components for a wide range of applications.

Your reliable partner for contract synthesis.

As an expert for hazardous reactions, our core business includes high-pressure reactions and the use of safety-critical reagents such as oleum, CS2, H2S, and NaN3. We combine our numerous laboratory and production processes with customer-oriented flexibility and absolute reliability as well as a high standard of science and technology. In this way, we can become for you what we already are for our customers: a consistently reliable partner.

Your reliable partner for fine chemicals..

Thanks to our highly motivated and experienced employees’ commitment to developing outstanding innovations, we have already successfully brought numerous new chemicals to market. These achievements are also the result of our open and trusting collaboration with our customers. It allows us to quickly translate research and development tasks into production and deliver them on time.

Company history

Agfa raw film production in Wolfen

Wolfen products establish themselves under the new trademark ORWO (ORiginal WOlfen).

Expansion and capacity increase of the plant, now called the Intermediate Production Department of VEB Fotochemische Kombinat Wolfen. An annual capacity of now 270 t of couplers, wetting agents, and dyes and 790 t of intermediates is achieved
Foundation of Chemie AG (successor to VEB Chemiekombinat Bitterfeld)



Privatization of the Zwipro (intermediate products) division of Filmfabrik and founding of ORGANICA Feinchemie GmbH Wolfen by Dr. Bodo Schulze and two partners

Privatization and establishment of Chemie GmbH Bitterfeld-Wolfen (CBW/1 Shareholder) through spin-off from Chemie AG, including acquisition of parts of the portfolio



Introduction of sodium permanganate as the first catalog product at CBW

ORGANICA develops first dye for DVD-R in Europe together with FEW Chemicals GmbH



Construction of a new plant for carrying out reactions with carbon disulfide at the ORGANICA site

Introduction of 1,2-octanediol, still the largest catalog product today, at CBW



ORGANICA starts the mass production of high purity dyes for the Grätzel cell (DSSC) and continues this until today

WITEC GmbH, located in Laasdorf, becomes a new shareholder in ORGANICA.



Increase in production capacity: After another autoclave for high-pressure reactions up to 50 bar was commissioned in 2006, ORGANICA gained additional capacity in the areas of storage space, reactors, and tank farms.
REACH registration of the catalog products 1,2-octanediol and sodium permanganate in the volume range 100–1,000 t/a

The previous Head of Marketing, Dr. Jörg Blumhoff, takes over the management of ORGANICA



Dr. Jörg Blumhoff, the current head of marketing, will take over the management of ORGANICA.

ORGANICA” is part of the “WeylChem Group of Companies.”


Our networks

WeylChem ORGANICA is involved in various networks in fine chemistry and custom synthesis – because together we can make more progress.


The German custom synthesis industry has achieved worldwide recognition thanks to the high quality of its chemical expertise and its exceptionally high level of customer understanding. In order further increase this awareness, the German companies active in custom synthesis have joined forces in CASID. In CASID, they exchange ideas on common and overarching interests in order to be able to further improve their service to their customers. CASID e.V. therefore actively contributes to Germany being recognized worldwide as an important country for custom synthesis.


4synth (formerly 4chiral) is a network for fine chemicals in Central Germany, whereby new products and technologies are developed and transferred to production. Under the motto “Our Core Competence is fine organic synthesis”, the network carries out research and development projects in the field of organic synthesis. The focus of the work is on pharmaceutically relevant intermediates and active ingredients. The network is represented by 30 companies, four universities and one technical university.