Flexible solutions for productions of all sizes through modular systems.
185 m3
Total reactor capacity



75 L – 6.300 L

Reactor capacities

25kg/a – 1000 MT/a

Production quantities

-20 bis zu 230°C

Temperature range
Over 700



WeylChem ORGANICA is your reliable partner for the research, development, and production of high-quality organic intermediates. Thanks to our excellent team and their aspiration for outstanding products, we have already brought numerous new chemicals to market.
We can support you with innovative and flexible solutions to achieve a high added value for your planned projects. We continuously improve existing procedures and processes to ensure the best possible effectiveness, efficiency, and quality for our joint project.

Our plants

Our capabilities

Glass-lined reactors

75 L – 6.300 L

Stainless steel reactors
250 L – 630 L (largest CBW missing)
Distillation columns

630 L – 13.000 L

Temperature range

-20°C to 230°C

BUSS Loop Reactor

-10 – 160°C, 2 m³ (1.4571), up to 19 bar

Stainless steel autoclaves

500 L up to 50 bar

CS2 Plant
handling of carbon disulfide possible
Hastelloy centrifuge

380 L

Hastelloy conical dryer
1,6 m3
Thanks to this high flexibility in the pilot and multi-purpose plants, we can guarantee our customers a punctual and high-quality implementation of production campaigns.

Specialists for synthetic production

Our team has a wide range of expertise in the synthetic production of various organic fine chemicals, dyes, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
We support you from the initial idea to the development to the end product. We carry out customer-specific research and process development at our sites in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


This includes the selection or development of a suitable synthesis route, meticulous sourcing of starting materials, and process optimization – all in close cooperation with you. The development of a stable manufacturing process and representative samples are the basis for a reliable and efficient transfer of the process into our production plants.


In our three development laboratories, we work on a scale of up to 4 l in a temperature range of −25 to 220°C. For hydrogenations we have a 2 l stainless steel autoclave and a 20 l loop reactor. The technical conditions are adapted to our production capabilities.

Your contact partner

Dr. Jörg Blumhoff
Managing director
Dr. Ralf Mede
Head of Marketing and Business Development